Danielides Communications is synonymous with innovation, enthusiasm, persistence and creativity. Our team of experienced professionals blends strategic thinking with integrity and style to craft high-impact communications programs for our clients. We thrive on holding ourselves to superior standards and achieving measurable results for our clients.

Meet our principals:

Joannie C. Danielides

Founder and President, Danielides Communications, Inc.

Joannie C. Danielides has been honored for her extraordinary achievements as an outstanding woman in the communications industry. As a Matrix Award honoree from New York Women in Communications, she was recognized as a woman who has changed the world with her talent and commitment. With an emphasis on style, she brings out the unique qualities in her clients. Whether an individual, a company, or an organization, Ms. Danielides distinguishes each client's own persona and highlights it through the media. Her personal style is unmistakable, both bold and sophisticated; she clearly demonstrates her ability to empower others by promoting their own professional experience.

As a veteran public relations executive, she is recognized for her savvy handling of pressured situations in high-level meetings and special events, as well as handling political issues.

Ms. Danielides has always worked to promote dynamic women in a variety of industries from entertainment to the corporate world. She has designed public image campaigns for career-oriented and community-minded women of distinction using her well-recognized specialty for image-making. For the city of New York, she served as Donna Hanover's press secretary for 8 years. She has also worked closely with talented women such as Emmy-award winning actress Susan Lucci, and award winning broadcast journalist Deborah Roberts.

Ms. Danielides' clients include NYU College of Nursing, The James A. Michener Museum, Mystery Writers of America and Lands' End to name a few. Her forte in image-making has been a decisive tool as she has designed public image campaigns for launching and branding new businesses in a variety of industries from healthcare to finance.

Ms. Danielides created Public Service Announcements to promote nurse practitioners and breast cancer awareness as well as collaborated on aggressive advertising campaigns. In 1998, she received the Media Award from the American Academy of Nursing for securing a 60 Minutes feature called, "The Nurse Will See You Now." Ms. Danielides has also been honored by New York Women's Agenda with a STAR award. She graduated with honors from Finch College and holds a Masters Degree in Art History.

Nicholas Danielides

Chief Executive Officer, Danielides Communications, Inc.

As CEO, Nicholas Danielides oversees and manages a broad array of clients in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medicine, training and development, publishing, food, wine & restaurants, to name a few. Mr. Danielides prides himself on ethically promoting clients that strive to be leaders in their industry. He provides his managerial expertise to his employees. Oversees strategic development for his clients as well as provides media training and counsel in crisis communication situations. In 2008, he received the New York Communication Award from the U.S. Business Association.

Mr. Danielides specializes in executive counsel and management. He has advised many leading national and international political leaders over the last decade. Mr. Danielides has coordinated highly successful world events including the United Nations' 50th Anniversary Celebration in New York City, which included prominent heads of state.

Mr. Danielides has a great deal of experience in the health and wellness arena. With an accomplished medical background, Mr. Danielides has created and orchestrated numerous healthcare forums. He has also promoted healthcare institutions and foundations such as Cooley's Anemia Foundation and EHE International as well as championed special organizations like Project ALS. Over the years, Mr. Danielides has advised biotech and pharmaceutical companies, specifically in the area of oncology.

Political and business leaders have sought his counsel for imaging and branding. Working with numerous leaders in their fields, Mr. Danielides has created strategic public relations programs. He has promoted the NYC Marathon for several years and worked closely with Greta Weitz, and Olympians Frank Shorter and Mark Spitz, to name a few.

Mr. Danielides' ability to effectively media train his clients stems from his understanding and knowledge of the media field. His past production experience for WCBS-TV is just one example of the extensive expertise he offers to his clients. Danielides brings a personable and comforting style to his training.

Mr. Danielides is a graduate of the University of Lille, France, with a Science Degree and Diploma in Electro Radiology. He holds his Masters Degree in Philosophy from the Sorbonne.